Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder Review Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder is considered to be one of the simplest rangefinders to use, because technologically is very intuitive, but it has all the necessary features that you need to improve your game; you won’t be disappointed with this device.

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  • PinSeeker Technology in order to make the best possible approach to the flag
  • Slope Compensation calculates the swing yardage depending on the degree of the slope. Don’t lose yards because you miscalculate the slope, it’s one of the most common errors in golf beginners
  • Accuracy below 1 yard
  • Dimensions (H x W X D): 2,8’ ; 1.6’ ; 4,3’
  • Weight: 6.6 oz.
  • Up until 1000 yards of performance
  • Possible to magnify until 5 times
  • Battery and case included
  • 100% waterproof


  • It’s a very accurate device, which is a characteristic that you should look for in first place when considering a rangefinder.
  • The distance is very easy to acquire, which means that technologically it’s a valuable asset to possess if you want to take your golf to a higher level.
  • It has a tremendous ability to calculate the range to a visible target.
  • It will definitely improve your game if you follow the indications given by the device and if you adapt them to your game.
  • Since it is rather small and lightweight, it allows you to carry it around the green without the need of having to go always to the bag to check the device to see distances and measures.
  • It’s very simple, which reflects on the price, that’s very accessible, especially for those who want to initiate themselves in this sport.
  • The fact of being so simple enables you to play faster while you’re in the golf course, there won’t be any waste of time.


  • The battery is very complicated to access and to switch.
  • The battery life is too short for the average standards, around 12 months.

Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder is a very good option that won’t disappoint you. It is one of the most decent rangefinders on the market and Bushnell seems to have nailed it once again. Recommended.

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